Treatment and support services

This section gives information on drug and alcohol treatment and support services available across Northern Ireland. There are a wide range of services available from short term extended brief interventions to more longer term community based or residential based one to one therapeutic treatment services. There are also services which offer ongoing recovery focussed group support, services which offer advice and support for your wider needs such as housing and ‘low threshold’ services specifically set up for those not yet ready or able to engage with mainstream or longer term treatment services.

Drug and alcohol services operate within a ‘Tiered Model’ and before searching for a service it might be useful to click here and learn more about what type of help and support is available at each ‘Tier.’ This may help you to better understand which level of support you might need or prefer and to better fine-tune your search options or to filter your results.


Therapeutic treatment service for those with substance misuse difficulties/problems 
Addiction NI offers support and treatment for those with issues with Alcohol and or Drug issues.

We provide a range of support including Counselling and Group Work.

Our service is aimed at those who are 18+

We also offer a range of training opportunities to employers which includes alcohol and drug training.


Therapeutic treatment service for those with substance misuse difficulties/problems 


Therapeutic interventions and support for adults aged 18 and over and offenders aged 18 and over (referrals via PBNI) with substance misuse difficulties/problems - support is also available for family members


Rehab Guide offers a free drug and alcohol rehab advice services in Northern Ireland and around UK. We assist people suffering from addiction to illicit and legal drugs, as well as people suffering from behavioural addictions such as gambling and gaming. The service also works with young people from 18 to 25 whose lives are affected by drugs and alcohol, including young people who have been affected by the negative experience of parental substance misuse.

Whether you're worried about yourself or someone else, you can find information about drug and alcohol use and smoking below to help.

Our counsellors are available for a conversation Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day.


Rehab Guide offers free and confidential alcohol and drug advice services. We work with people suffering from substance abuse to help them reduce or stop drug and alcohol use to lead happy and healthy lives. Whether you're worried about yourself or your loved ones our counsellors will provide constant and confidential advice and support on your health and wellbeing. The service is available to residents of Belfast and throughout the UK.


Cocaine Anonymous is a 12 step fellowship, similar to AA or NA

It focuses not just on people with Cocaine addictions ( as the name would suggest) but on people with addictions to any mind altering substance (including alcohol)

CA is a 40 year old fellowship and is very well established in the US and mainland UK. It is also well established in the Republic of Ireland (around 70 meetings per week) but it is relatively new in Northern Ireland. We currently have weekly meetings in Belfast, Ballymena and Armagh. 5 meetings a week in total with a 6th starting soon.

We would like to get information listed on any websites that promote recovery services

If you need any info let me know please


Professional help and support for adults aged 18 and over (including offenders referred by PBNI) with substance misuse difficulties/problems. Support is also available for family members. The service is funded by the Public Health Agency. The partners who deliver it are Inspire Wellbeing Addiction Services, Ascert, Dunlewey Addiction Service and Extern. Referral routes for adults and their families: - by professionals and service providers referrals (e.g. GP, Community Addictions Team and community/voluntary sector service providers) -self referrals All forms can be accessed below. This includes service information and referral forms (for the individual and for the family member/s). All are available in the following languages; English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romany, Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian. The Step 2 Partnership Service Coordinators can be contacted with any queries about the service or to process a referral by Email at or Telephone 028 90 392 547 or 07591 834 468 (Rita or Christine).