Early intervention and prevention services

This section gives information on education and prevention services available across Northern Ireland which address drug and alcohol issues or concerns. These services are available in a number of settings such as in schools, workplaces, community and youth centres and clubs with many providing free drug and/or alcohol focussed awareness-raising advice, materials, sessions or programmes.


Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC)
As your coach, I will help:
- mentor and guide you in learning how to embark on a life without alcohol.
- feel supported by providing a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment to discuss your current challenges with alcohol.
- develop a recovery plan with realistic goals, help keep you accountable to it and continually reassess and make adjustments as you progress.
- work with you collaboratively to resolve barriers to change.
- be your guide/mentor in relation to coping mechanisms, moving through the cycle of change and developing new behaviour patterns.
- deal with relapse and work towards reducing the changes of it happening again.
- be your cheerleader helping you identify and celebrate the changes and progress made.
- guide you to other sources of help if required.

Coaching is person centred (you are the expert on you), forward focused and goal driven.
IMPORTANT - Coaching does not replace therapy or counselling. A recovery coach does not diagnose conditions or treat them. A Coach is not medically trained therefore cannot provide guidance in relation to detox or assistance to those who are physically dependent on alcohol.