Early intervention and prevention services

This section gives information on education and prevention services available across Northern Ireland which address drug and alcohol issues or concerns. These services are available in a number of settings such as in schools, workplaces, community and youth centres and clubs with many providing free drug and/or alcohol focussed awareness-raising advice, materials, sessions or programmes.


Health promotion and improvement publications (leaflets and posters) and library resources (books, DVDs, CDs, resource packs and demonstration models).


The SEDACT Connections Service (hosted in South Eastern area by ASCERT) acts as the operational arm of the South Eastern Drug and Alcohol Coordination Team (SEDACT); assisting the Team to take forward its priority actions and to work with other stakeholder organisations and partnerships in the area to develop and deliver drug and/or alcohol related projects, events and initiatives. The Connections workers can be contacted by individuals or groups in the community who have concerns or queries in regards alcohol/ other drug initiatives and services. As well as supporting and developing local campaigns, the Connections service are a source of information and best practice and keep communities up to date on recent trends as well as developing responses to issues. SE Connections also makes links between the community and drug/alcohol sectors and other fields such as family support and mental health, and can signpost inidividuals to the relevant services when required.


Parents and children participate in the 7-week SFP, both separately in the teen and parent sessions, and together in the family sessions - SFP aims to promote a healthy parent and child relationship by improving communication, bonding, parental monitoring and rule setting