Northern Ireland Drugs & Alcohol Services Directory

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Whilst every effort has been made to provide accurate and complete information , NIDACTs and the Public Health Agency (PHA) accept no responsibility for errors or omissions resulting from information gathered from outside sources.  NIDACTs and PHA also accept no responsibility for the accuracy, quality or currency of the information contained in the online directory. Any user of the directory who identifies a problem or query with content are advised to contact the original source of information for clarification before contacting NIDACTs and PHA.  Where any specific organisation or service is mentioned by name or otherwise this does not necessarily constitute or imply any endorsement or recommendation by NIDACTs and PHA of that organisation or service.

NIDACTs and PHA encourage service providers and service users to use the ADD, EDIT/REMOVE and REPORT functions in a timely fashion to quickly and directly report any issues or errors with service information.  NIDACTs and PHA will undertake timeliness in reviewing and making any necessary changes following any such reports .

NB. Only drug and/or alcohol services delivered within Northern Ireland will be included, ie. those delivered directly to residents in the Belfast HSC Trust, South Eastern HSC Trust, Southern HSC Trust, Northern HSC Trust and/or Western HSC Trust.