Treatment and support services

This section gives information on drug and alcohol treatment and support services available across Northern Ireland. There are a wide range of services available from short term extended brief interventions to more longer term community based or residential based one to one therapeutic treatment services. There are also services which offer ongoing recovery focussed group support, services which offer advice and support for your wider needs such as housing and ‘low threshold’ services specifically set up for those not yet ready or able to engage with mainstream or longer term treatment services.

Drug and alcohol services operate within a ‘Tiered Model’ and before searching for a service it might be useful to click here and learn more about what type of help and support is available at each ‘Tier.’ This may help you to better understand which level of support you might need or prefer and to better fine-tune your search options or to filter your results.


Cuan Mhuire NI offers a comprehensive abstinence based, residential, addiction treatment and support programme to persons (male and female) who are eighteen years of age and over and who are suffering from (Alcohol, Gambling) addiction in a supported environment.
In addition to our addiction recovery support services, Cuan Mhuire NI provides a professional, effective and efficient housing support service to those who are most marginalised and who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless because of their addiction.


First Housing Low Threshold (Harm Reduction) is aimed at those who misuse alcohol and drugs at harmful levels and / or in harmful patterns of use but are not able to commit to formal treatment. First Housing work with clients who may lead chaotic lives and need assistance to reduce serious harm to themselves, arising from their problematic drug or alcohol use. This service provides a range of physical, social and psychological interventions and supports, depending on the specific needs of each individual. Examples include providing sterile injecting equipment and advice on safer injecting, or helping someone to access, or remain in, stable accommodation.


Therapeutic support and treatment  for children and families affected by parental substance misuse, including individual, family and group work. Referrals are received from Social Services and adult treatment services including those in the voluntary sector.